National Poetry Day

National Poetry Day 2020 21st March 2020

Today is National Poetry Day. For those of you that don’t know, Emily Dickinson is one of my favourite poets and Hilda Doolittle, H D Imagiste, has been my influence.

You can check out some of Emily Dickinson’s poems, and find out more about her at Poetry and for Hilda Doolittle go to the Poetry Foundation where you can find ‘Sea Rose’ which inspired me to be an imagist.

Now as it’s National Poetry Day, it only seems fair that I share one of my own poems, however, this poem is not an imagist poem or similar to Emily Dickinson’s, but an epistle I wrote for my mum on one of her birthdays after she died. Today would have been Mum and Dad’s Platinum Wedding Anniversary and with Mothering Sunday tomorrow it seems fitting to share this poem. I’ve substituted birthday to Mother’s Day in the poem.

If you still have your mum, do look after her and make her feel loved, even if you can’t see her tomorrow.

DSCF1779 (2)

The Epistle of Dishy Trishy

Dear Mum, I had to write to say,
how much I miss you so,
no-one could have warned me,
how bad the pain would feel.
Knowing that there’ll never be
another kiss, another hug,
another face to face conversation.
Tomorrow is Mothering Sunday,
I wanted to send this just to say,
how I wish we could be together
one more time, to love another day.
I know that can’t be possible,
no matter how much I want
it to be, so instead I’ll treasure
memories and keep them close to me.
As far as I’m concerned,
you’ll always be with me,
here in my home
and in my heart,
my one special lady.
Always an inspiration,
a fantastic loving mum to all,
my Yummy Mummy – the best ever.
Yours, Dishy Trishy, for eternity.

Patricia M Osborne

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