Castles in the Sand

Boys and girls dodge
glistening ripples,
tots toddle in the shade,
tinker with toy spades.

Plastic viridescent buckets
piled golden to the rim,
turned upside down,
pat, pat,
castles constantly crumble,
walls cascade.

Dad creates a courtyard
of perfect crowns,
smiles replace tears.

Seagulls shriek,
divebomb from bright blue,
waves tease striped towels,
alarms parents,
pack up and go.

Sobs and screams on Mum’s shoulder,
Don’t worry we’ll build again
another day, she takes his small hand
to lead him from the shore,

stops, turns for one last view:
a breaker takes its aim,
flushes sand fortresses,
white foam licks away
today’s creations.


Published Reach Magazine : Indigo Dreams Publishing (2018)