How to give birth to an Alien

Start with the species, what is desired
Think? Are tentacles, legs and heads required?

What about shape, square, blobby or round?
Seek, search, discover, selections found

The grey scrawny male with bright black slit eyes
Or the white wide-winged torso that’s dressed in disguise

The green blob of jelly out for a jog
Or the red skinned sly serpent afraid of the fog?

Duck sparkling stars whilst riding dark skies,
Set down on the world, take caution, be wise

Befriend beastly species, set seduction in play
Entice, beguile, and bewitch to get your own way

Mission accomplished, return home to earth
Linger nine months, for the alien’s birth

You have your agenda and know what to do
‘How to give birth to an alien?’ …I haven’t a clue.

Published by Ink Pantry Publishing Fields of Words, (2013)