Lady of the Woods

She stretches towards the stars,
heart-shaped foliage dances,
airy, pendulous branches sway.

Gently I peel away
paper-thin white crusts
patterned with black crevices.

I burn the bark
under moonlight
to keep Isolde warm.

Sapphire flames mesmerise,
crackles soothe.

We inhale timbered scent,
drink clear, sweet sap
and wintergreen tea.

I spread a red sheet
onto the clay ground,

ease Isolde down,
caress her shoulders.

We take our final offering,
the promise of fertility,
gifted by the Lady of the Woods.


‘Lady of the Woods’ was first published by Reach Magazine, Indigo Dreams Publishing, in November 2018. It is also included in my poetry pamphlet ‘Taxus Baccata’ published by Hedgehog Poetry Press.