To be Homeless


To be Homeless

It could happen to any of us – a flip of a coin could change our whole lives. We too may  find ourselves living on the street without a home. It’s happening to families with children.

Be aware of the homelessness around us. No one in Britain should have to be in this situation but they are, and we need to be particularly aware in the winter weather. It’s happening on a street near you.

Bear a thought of ways that you may be able to help.

Your local town may have a drop-in where you can donate food, clothes or funds or there maybe some other way you can help.  Check out what you can do.

You can make a donation online to Shelter  Crisis or the Salvation Army

without even leaving your warm home.

If you see a homeless person on the street, remember, they are a person. Even a smile  or a hello, goes a long way.

Here’s a poem I wrote a couple of years ago for a Liverpool anthology helping to raise funds and awareness of homelessness.

On a Street Near You 

Huddled in a shop doorway,
cardboard for a bed,
the sun goes cold,
an icy chill fills the air.

Fingers frostbite white,
petrified toes,
jaw judders.

Shoppers rush past,
some avert their stare,
others scowl
or drop loose change
into the makeshift cup

but then a smiling face
steals my view—

a hot coffee, dear,
help to warm your insides,
a sandwich, soup,
a burger in a bun.

The stranger waves goodbye,
hunger cramps ease,
fingers thaw.

The street stills,
the town slumbers,
one eye stays open
to safeguard boots and coins

from other poor wretches
sleeping rough in shop doorways

just like me…