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13th September 2017 – Jen Med’s Book Reviews


27th November 2017 – Authors Interviews ~ My interviews with Many Authors

Here is my interview with Patricia M Osborne

30th November 2017 – Roger Bray

Patricia M Osborne 

16th January 2018 – A Daydreamer’s Thoughts

Author Interview: Patricia M. Osborne

20th February 2018 – Shona Kinsella

Author Spotlight – Patricia M Osborne

9th April 2018 – In as Many Words

Writing with Grace
Novel and poetry of Patricia M Osborne

12th October 2018 – Clare Rhoden Author

Last Word of the Week: Patricia M Osborne

16th May 2019 – Papers Pens Poets

Interview with Patricia M Osborne


Patricia M Osborne – House of Grace, a period drama

24th August 2019 – Curled up with a good book

Meet the Author: Patricia M Osborne

Circle of Books (2019)

Interview with Patricia M Osborne

12th August 2019 – Isabella

Interviewing Patricia M Osborne

21st November 2019 – Elizabeth Gates – Author

Patricia M Osborne – House of Grace

12th March 2020 – Soulla Christodoulou – Author

A Cup of Conversation with author Patricia M Osborne

9th August 2020 – Jaffareadstoo Book blogger

Summer Picnic with Jaffareadstoo

9th September 2020 – Lorraine Mace – The D.I. Sterling Series

Interview with Patricia M Osborne

10th September – Deuxiemepeau Poetry by Damien B Donnelly

The Minds Behind the Madness – The Hedgehog Poetry Press – Patricia M Osborne 


6th April 2017Ink Pantry Publishing

Inky Elf News: Patricia M Osborne on her debut novel House of Grace 

2nd September 2017 – Elizabeth M. Hurst

A Swanwick Story: Patricia M. Osborne

23rd January 2018 – BookLoverWorm

What does 2018 have in store for me? – Patricia M Osborne

8th November 2018 – Jenny Kane & Jennifer Ash

Opening Lines: House of Grace by Patricia M Osborne 

31st August 2019 – Rachel Brimble Book Blog & Updates

Saga Saturday – Welcome author Patricia M Osborne…

9th March 2020 – Ink Pantry Publishing

Books From The Pantry: The Coal Miner’s Son by Patricia M. Osborne

11th March 2020 – Carol Thomas Author 

Patricia Osborne on connecting with her characters and writing a family saga.

12th March 2020 – Rosemary Noble – Author Page

Guest Author – Patricia M Osborne

15th March 2020 – Julia Firlotte: Where Romance Excites

Authors In Focus: Patricia M Osborne (Guest Blog) Romance in a Family Saga

03 April 2020 – Kellie Butler

Northern Reads featuring Patricia M. Osborne

19th September 2020 – Nigel Kent – Poet

Drop-in Patricia M Osborne

3rd October – Beth Haslam – Author of the Fat Dogs and French Estates Series.

My Writing Journey