Publication Week – Visiting other Blogs

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So last week I had a run of visits to other websites to include interviews and articles discussing various aspects of writing. These blogs were kindly hosted by supporting authors.

Below you’ll find a list of links where you can check out each individual article or interview. Enjoy.


Chindi Authors Website – Questions and Answers

Interview  hosted on ‘Lynette’s Website and Blog’ – Author Lynette Creswell


Research for a Family Saga – hosted by Lexi Rees, Author


‘Connecting with Characters‘ – hosted by Carol Thomas, Author


Writing and Inspiration – hosted by Rosemary Noble – Author

Discussing The Coal Miner’s Son  – hosted  by Soulla Christodoulou on ‘A cup of Conversation’


Writing a trilogy  – hosted by Isabella Muir


Choosing a title/Writing a Blurb  – hosted by Helen Christmas on ‘Same Face Different Place’


Romance in a Family Saga – hosted by Julia Firlotte on Julia’s Blog.




Reviews are starting to come in for The Coal Miner’s Son 

5 star review

“This is a heart-warming return to the characters of House of Grace but this time events are seen through the eyes of Elizabeth and George which makes it extra special and helps you understand them and love them even more. I look forward all the more to the next book. A lovely read and I can highly recommend it.”

5 star review

The Coal Miner’s Son is a great follow on to House of Grace. Another great page turner, a must read. Very well written.”

5 star review

“Having thoroughly enjoyed the author’s debut novel (House of Grace), I’ve been eagerly looking forward to this book, and I can say quite categorically, Ms Osborne hasn’t disappointed. It’s an absolutely engrossing story with strong, beautifully defined characters that leap out of the pages into your head – the charming dialogue makes you feel that you know each of them personally. It’s a tale that will keep the reader’s attention long into the night – one of those books that you are eager to finish to find out the ending, but at the same time you want to savour the wonderful storytelling. I cannot recommend it highly enough to all lovers of an enthralling read with engaging characters that will have you thinking about them long after you’ve finished reading the book. And I believe there’s a 3rd book to follow – I can’t wait!”

5 star review

After reading Patricia M Osborne’s debut novel House of Grace, I’ve been eagerly anticipating the arrival of her second book The Coal Miner’s Son. Ms Osborne’s new novel doesn’t disappoint. Unlike House of Grace, this story is told from Elizabeth and George’s point of view.

The author captures the essence of a time gone by, of hardships, friendships and the bureaucracy of the upper class. You can easily lose yourself within the pages of this book and I was hooked from the start. Filled with interesting characters and with lots of twists and turns, I couldn’t put the book down, reading long into the night.

If you haven’t already read The Coal Miner’s Son then go for it. You won’t be disappointed.

5 star review

What I loved about this book was the way it told the story from the other viewpoints. In House of Grace, we got Grace’s story and her side of events. This inevitably led us to form opinions about the other characters, many of whom we probably didn’t like very much. In The Coal Miner’s Son, we are given the views of the other main characters – George and Elizabeth – and there are many surprises to take away, including Elizabeth’s fragile mental state and George’s vulnerability. Trisha is a compelling writer and I once again find myself looking forward to the third part of the trilogy. What will we do when there is no further sequel? I only hope Trisha has something else up her sleeve!

Well I am pleased to  inform all readers that The Granville Legacy may be the final book in the trilogy but it WILL NOT be the end of the House of Grace Series – there will be lots more to come…

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