Story Challenge – Write a story in under 100 words

Today’s challenger is Sarah Howes with her story ‘Childhood Guilt’. Enjoy.

Childhood Guilt

I ran into the kitchen, hungrily scanned the cupboard and my eye fell on the newly-baked loaf; crusty, still-warm. I grabbed the knife and carved a doorstep, mouthwatering at the thought of that soft, yeasty dough in my mouth. But the butter had its own plan. Cold, hard in the fridge, with no give, it ripped the guts from the crust, leaving a mass of buttery crumbs on the surface. My anger spilled over as I grabbed the offending pieces in my bare hands and scrunched them up, stuffing them into my mouth in childish satisfaction.

96 words


Now if the narrator was like me they wouldn’t have worried about the butter but just eaten the bread. I don’t eat butter anyway but can’t bear spreading anything on fresh bread because I think it spoils it.

How do you like to eat your bread?

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