The Coal Miner’s Son

After tragedy hits the small coal mining village of Wintermore, nine-year-old miner’s son, George, is sent to Granville Hall to live with his titled grandparents.

Caught up in a web of treachery and deceit, George grows up believing his mother sold him. He’s determined to make her pay, but at what cost? Is he strong enough to rebel?

Will George ever learn to forgive?

Step back into the 60s and follow George as he struggles with bereavement, rejection and a kidnapping that changes his life forever. Resistance is George’s only hope.

The Coal Miner’s Son is Book 2 in the House of Grace trilogy but may be read as a standalone.

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What readers say

“A compelling Saga”

I read the author’s first novel, House of Grace, and really enjoyed that, so was delighted when the second book in the trilogy was released. Covering some of the material previously explored in the first book, but from a different point of view, there is a wealth of new twists and turns to follow as we wait to see if George will reunite with his mother and learn the truth of how he came to live with his grandparents. Beautifully written and well-researched, I found it quite hard to put down.”

I thoroughly enjoyed this second book in the Granville/Gilmore series. Some interesting characters. And the dual voice narrative worked very well. Looking forward to reading the third book.”

“The second book in the Granville saga. Had me gripped from beginning to end. The characters really come to life and I feel that I would recognise each and every one if I were to pass them in the street – a wonderful book from Patricia M Osborne – a must read”

“A great read. Thoroughly enjoyed the story evolving from the perspective of two different characters. Can’t wait for the third instalment!”

Having thoroughly enjoyed the author’s debut novel (House of Grace), I’ve been eagerly looking forward to this book, and I can say quite categorically, Ms Osborne hasn’t disappointed. It’s an absolutely engrossing story with strong, beautifully defined characters that leap out of the pages into your head – the charming dialogue makes you feel that you know each of them personally. It’s a tale that will keep the reader’s attention long into the night – one of those books that you are eager to finish to find out the ending, but at the same time you want to savour the wonderful storytelling. I cannot recommend it highly enough to all lovers of an enthralling read with engaging characters that will have you thinking about them long after you’ve finished reading the book. And I believe there’s a 3rd book to follow – I can’t wait!”

“After reading Patricia M Osborne’s debut novel House of Grace, I’ve been eagerly anticipating the arrival of her second book The Coal Miner’s Son. Ms Osborne’s new novel doesn’t disappoint. Unlike House of Grace, this story is told from Elizabeth and George’s point of view.

“The author captures the essence of a time gone by, of hardships, friendships and the bureaucracy of the upper class. You can easily lose yourself within the pages of this book and I was hooked from the start. Filled with interesting characters and with lots of twists and turns, I couldn’t put the book down, reading long into the night. If you haven’t already read The Coal Miner’s Son then go for it. You won’t be disappointed.”

“What I loved about this book was the way it told the story from the other viewpoints. In The House of Grace, we got Grace’s story and her side of events. This inevitably led us to form opinions about the other characters, many of whom we probably didn’t like very much. In The Coal Miner’s Son, we are given the views of the other main characters – George and Elizabeth – and there are many surprises to take away, including Elizabeth’s fragile mental state and George’s vulnerability. Patricia is a compelling writer and I once again find myself looking forward to the third part of the trilogy. What will we do when there is no further sequel? I only hope Patricia M Osborne has something else up her sleeve!”

“This is a heart warming return to the characters of The House of Grace but this time events are seen through the eyes of Elizabeth and George which makes it extra special and helps you understand them and love them even more. I look forward all the more to the next book. A lovely read and I can highly recommend it.”

“The Coalminer’s Son is a great follow on to House of Grace. Another great page turner, a must read. Very well written.”

“Thoroughly enjoyed this follow-up to House of Grace (a must read if you haven’t read it yet). A very clever plot line telling the family story from two other viewpoints, it kept me enthralled right to the last page. Waiting for the third one now!”

“This book kept me gripped until the very last page, great characters and interesting storyline. Can’t wait for next book.”

“I thoroughly enjoyed reading this book. I read book 1 when it first came out and was looking forward to the sequel. It is a nice easy read, no violence and well researched. The characters are believable and I would like to take George to one side and have a word…..well done Patricia.”

“Wow, I loved the 2nd instalment of this beautifully written book. “I became so involved with the characters and their lives. It’s emotionally moving and fast paced with such a wonderful description of the characters you can picture them in your mind and become fully absorbed into all that unfolds. Can’t wait for the next book!”

“The cover is striking and beautiful. The author knows her genre and the readers well, and I was sucked into the book after just a few lines. There is always a lot of tension to keep things running along, and I especially liked scene such as George’s dad’s funeral because they were so well written and poignant. Obvious the author has done a lot of research and this blends nicely with the general atmosphere.
The alternate chapters between Elizabeth and George also kick things off nicely with the reader dipping in and out of family troubles etc.
The ending is great – well thought out and nicely conclusive. I hate to be left hanging at the end of a book!”

“I really really enjoyed The Coalminers Son. I love your way of writing and your stories. Keep going, you have real talent and I for one can’t wait for your next book.”

“What a pleasure it was to read this book. It’s the perfect break from the problems and challenges of the real world. I so enjoyed catching up with the characters and seeing how they developed as their worlds changed. I especially liked the period detail from the 1960s, lots of little nostalgic references came up for me; remembering what perfumes people wore then, the primary school George first attended, the clothes and other fun to read references. I definitely recommend it as a book to read while we’re not able to go out and about as usual.”

“Having read House of Grace and becoming involved in the family it was great to read how the characters especially George and Elizabeth have grown up. It was fascinating to view their world as seen through their own eyes in each chapter as the story takes you through all the emotions of family relationships. You won’t be able to put it down.”

“Ms Osborne has done it again. An excellent second novel which links nicely to her first (House of Grace) but keeps the interest by introducing newer characters as well, the hero being Grace’s son from the first book. Her descriptive prose is of a high order, and she has the knack of getting into the way the characters are reacting to their situations (reminiscent of DH Lawrence), and the underlying ‘class conflict’ is still remains to add tension. I await the third instalment of the trilogy with eager anticipation.”

“I read the first chapter of The Coal Miner’s Son in a writing group. Having not read anything by this author before I was pleasantly surprised and immediately wanted to read more. George a nine-year old boy telling the story as first person viewpoint was so captivating. The author set the scene of a family trauma through his eyes, in a small mining village, which gave me Goosebumps. My heart was pleading for him almost instantly and even more so when sent to Granville Hall to live with his titled grandparents. I can’t imagine how it would feel for George, to grow up thinking his mother had sold him. It was clear to see that this book was beautifully portrayed and wasn’t going to disappoint. As I hadn’t read the previous book in this series, I hadn’t met any of the characters, but I soon became familiar with the wonderfully crafted characters without a problem.

I enjoyed how George and Elizabeth each took their roll as narrator. It worked well and kept me intrigued to follow them both. It was a delight experiencing a great sense of time throughout the story and the descriptive detail is Phenomenal, bringing everything to life. Patricia M Osborne will be in my thoughts again when looking for future reads. If you are in search of a light-hearted read full of poignancy and a story that will linger in your thoughts, don’t miss out on this one. Well worth a five star.”

“I really loved the writing and story. The author designed real-life characters, which is the best part of it. Pace and flow were perfect. I am certainly recommending it.”

“The Coal Miner’s Son is another page turner by Patricia Osborne. Elegantly written with characters who stand proud of the pages. It’s been thoroughly enjoyable learning more about the events in George’s life and the carefully woven relationships between the characters. The tug of war George faces between loving and fighting those close to him is expertly executed. This leaves the reader feeling his pain and wanting to support him through his journey as comes to terms with events in his life and understands how lucky he is to have so many family and friends who love him.
Thanks Patricia, great book, not sure what to read to follow The Coal Miner’s Son… Hurry up and publish the third book” 😁

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