The Granville Legacy

The Granville Legacy – Book 3 in the House of Grace trilogy – is now published both in kindle format and paperback.

Can George step into his grandfather’s shoes?

Assuming his title as Lord Granville is no easy task for coal miner’s son, George Gilmore.George doesn’t possess the late Lord Granville’s ruthless streak but what happens if his loved ones are threatened? How can he support his mother, Grace, through her devasting loss? Will the family rally round? Can George step into his grandfather’s shoes?

Journey through the 80s in this family saga unravelling heartbreak, family conflict, romance, fashion, and much more.

‘The Granville Legacy’ is the final book in the House of Grace trilogy.

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Reviews – What Readers Say

“I’ve waited with baited breath for the final instalment of The Granville Legacy and I wasn’t disappointed. By the second book I’d become attached to Grace and George, the two main protagonists and looked forward to learning more about their lives, especially George, now a grown man. I was captivated right from the beginning and didn’t want the story to end.

The author should be really proud of herself for creating such an absorbing saga. My only regret is that the saga had to end. I hear she’s already working on her new book and look forward to reading many more stories by this author in the future.

I was captivated right from the beginning

 and didn’t want the story to end.”

“I was honoured to be an advance reader and to me this was a welcome return to Grace and the Granville family and it felt like I was slipping on a pair of comfy slippers after a busy day, this story was started by a shock and the we follow the ups and downs of the family Granville, Grace, Alice and George and the joy and happiness that goes with a busy family life, there came times of joy and times of sadness but they were in balance, building a warm and heartfelt story that is a perfect follow on to the two before.”

“I was desperate to read the final part of this trilogy but now it’s done I feel a little bereft. I’ve loved all of these novels but I think this one is the best. Is it because the setting’s closer to contemporary, or perhaps because the characters have become old friends? Either way, The Granville Legacy does not disappoint and although that’s it for the trilogy, I’m hoping this author keeps us in the loop with what happens next. Perhaps a novella?”

“I never cease to be amazed by this author. Her attention to detail that you feel you are within the story.
Having advance read all 3 & then read them again to enjoy each part, I am saddened it has had to end, but the immense pleasure in following such a true to life family saga following many generations & the love & heartbreak along the way.

Highly recommended.”

“George is all grown up and has inherited his grandfather’s title and estate. Another tragedy for Grace threatens to derail life for the Gilmores/Granvilles once again.

I was looking forward to reading this book, having thoroughly enjoyed the first two books in the series. And I wasn’t disappointed. Patricia M Osborne’s research and attention to details bring the 1980s to life in the same way she did with the earlier decades. There’s lots going on, as various story threads come to fruition. I read the whole book at one sitting. Highly recommended.”

“For me, this was a wonderful end to the three novels. I love that the characters are so familiar and I enjoyed the whole story. The author has such a flair for storytelling and such detail that brings the narrative to life in an almost addictive way. You certainly won’t want to put the book down once you start reading it! The book could be read as a standalone, but I would urge all readers discovering this author to read the other two first. It really will enhance the enjoyment of this particular book. I hear there may be similar to come from Ms Osborne – I do hope so as I love this genre.”

“Patricia has written three very good book in House of Grace, The Coal Miners Son and now The Granville Legacy. They have all followed on nicely.
This is a family saga telling mainly the life stories of Grace and George. In the Granville Legacy George & his sister are all grown up, and George finally goes back to the village where he lived his young life until everything changed for him.
These three books are a must to read, although they can be read as standalone books.
Read and enjoy books you just won’t want to put done. Well done Patricia for making your books so readable.
Can’t wait for what comes next.