Challenge – Write a story in less than one hundred words

Thank you to author, Patricia Feinberg Stoner, for taking part in the ‘write a story in less than one hundred words challenge with her lovely story, Very Nice, Dear.

Very Nice, Dear

‘I never wanted you,’ she’d say.

Every Mother’s Day I bought her a red rose out of my slender pocket money.

‘Very nice, dear,’ she’d say.

I so wanted her approval. My first job, my headship, my professorship,

‘Very nice dear,’ she’d say.

Today the clearance men are emptying her house. ‘Is this important?’ says one, handing me a cardboard box.

Under the felted dust is my name in her precise writing. The rubber band snaps under my touch.  I open the lid and stand looking at the slender corpses, their scarlet heads turned to black. Red roses.

98 words


Another weepy one. Have you noticed how these micro stories have promoted creepy or weepy themes?

You can find out more about Patricia’s writing by visiting her website.


3 thoughts on “Challenge – Write a story in less than one hundred words

  1. David H Worsdale May 15, 2019 / 10:40 am

    Is anyone allowed to participate in this 100 word challenge please?


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