Less than 100 word story challenge

Thank you to writer, Gerry Dudley, who has sent in her story, Unknown, to take part in the ‘write a story in less than one hundred words challenge.

Unknown (2)

She awoke, her tummy doing a nervous flip. Today’s the day, there’s no turning back.

Later nervously queuing, she wondered, were they scared too?

Her eyes locked, momentarily, with a tall chap. Hastily she looked away. The queue moved steadily forward. Her allocated seat 13F. That’s not a good omen.

Reaching her seat, she received the most generous smile from the handsome chap in the queue, by his side was her vacant seat.

She was glad she hadn’t chickened out, thinking ’13’ maybe lucky after all. Now her tummy felt excitement as they took off soaring into the unknown.

99 words


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