Story challenge – less than 100 words

Thank you to Author, Anita D Hunt, for taking part in the ‘write a story in less than one hundred words challenge’ with her lovely story, A Wish for Dad.

A wish for Dad (2)

September 2015

‘Hi Dad! Happy birthday!’ I said as I bounded up the drive, potted orchid held aloft like a grand prize. ‘I didn’t buy you a T shirt this year, I’m bored with buying you T shirts.’

Dad laughed as he took his present, ‘Don’t be daft, but this is lovely.’

September 2016

‘Hi Dad. Happy birthday. I bought you flowers again, I hope you like them,’ I said as my tears mingled with the water I was pouring into the urn. ‘I wish I could buy you a T shirt again…’

93 words.


I think you’ll agree that one was quite a weepy.

You can find out more about Anita’s writing by visiting her website.


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