Day 20 – A – Z Blog Challenge – ‘T’


T – The Colour Purple

The Colour Purple is one of my poems where I was inspired simply by ‘the colour purple.’



The Colour Purple

He gives her bluebells,
neat stems tied
with satin ribbon.

He takes her for a stroll
to a lavender garden,
bees hover making honey.

He leads her by purple
and yellow croci,
next to violets and pansies.

He eases her down
onto a mauve sheet,
pours two glasses of wine.

He kisses her hand, neck, lips,
dips into his pocket
and pulls out an amethyst ring…


T – The Gambler

The Gambler is another poem of mine that I wrote for an Open University Creative Writing Assignment. It’s a sonnet.



The Gambler

Crowds gather as he enters the blurred place,
the game begins as cards are flipped and laid,
kibitzers nod heads and scan his rat face,
as he sets down his tall tower to play.
A black ace and picture card call the tune
on the table where he makes his first stake,
the squeezing masses mutter its Pontoon
and snigger as they observe this sport snake.
His pile gets high and the pack all cluster,
twist again, twist again, twist again more,
he bites his lips and eyes up the structure
his head throbs as he notes it’s twenty-four.
The gambler’s face pales and his heartbeat pounds,
his legs crush as he cascades to the ground.



Some Poetic Terms

T – Tanka

A tanka is a Japanese verse form consisting of five lines with a syllable count of 5-7-5-7-7.

T – Triplet

A triplet is a three-line stanza rhymed AAA.

T – Tercet

A Tercet is a three-lined stanza that may be rhymed or unrhymed.

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