Day 21 – A – Z Blog Challenge – ‘U’


U – Uninvited

Uninvited is a short poem that came from a prompt. I’m afraid I can’t remember what the prompt was but most likely something creepy.



Wooden floorboards creak,
the wind blows,
bedroom door bangs closed.
She buries her head under the pillow;
heart ticks loud as fear grows.



U – Upwords

Upwords is another poem that I wrote about Mum. I wrote this earlier in the year following a prompt at a uni seminar when I had to look back at something I missed doing with a loved one.

The majority of my poetry and prose writing is fiction but occasionally I shift into a little bit of life writing.

IMG_2635 (002)



A seven-letter word,

Mum lifts the tiles
into place,

we nibble on chocolate peanuts
and raisins, chat about TV soaps,
children, anything goes.

Letters build walls
on the Upwords board,
a challenge we adore,

Scrabble dictionary
Opens – Closes,
defines words, true or false.

Who wins today?
Me or Mum?

A treasure I hold forever in my heart.



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