Day 19 – A – Z Blog Challenge – ‘S’


S – Suzi Bamblett

Today we have another very special guest: Suzi Bamblett and although Suzi’s main genre of writing is novels, she occasionally likes to dabble in a bit of poetry and a very talented poet she is too. Suzi’s  talented in many areas and in particular I see her as an expert in creating quilts. Check out the memory quilt she created for TAMBA last year.

Suzi’s agreed to share her poem Fire and Rain. Fire and Rain was inspired by James Taylor and first teen love.



Fire and Rain

Stones thrown at my window
Whispered promise raw
Teenage dreams and tie dye jeans
Lay crumpled on the floor

Teardrops roll down windscreen
‘He’s no good,’ they say
Never knew the boy I knew
Before you went away

Dance around my bedroom
Words can’t heal the pain
Vinyl on the turntable
As James sings Fire and Rain


About Suzi

Suzi Bamblett is currently working on her dissertation for her MA in Creative Writing at Brighton University. She recently completed the first draft of her novel, Pearl Seekers, and hopes to publish this towards the end of 2018. Her genre includes books for YA as well as psychological thrillers, she has three further novels in the pipeline.

Suzi has had work published in University of Brighton anthologies, Small Worlds and Reflections and BrightONLINE.

In spring 2017, as part of her MA, Suzi undertook a community project with TAMBA (Twin and Multiple Birth) Bereavement Support Group and created a Memory Quilt to help raise awareness of baby Loss.

The novella Suzi is working on for her dissertation is a psychological thriller entitled Three Faced Doll. This piece combines life writing with fiction writing.
Reflecting on memories of her own teenage experiences generated the idea for her poem, Fire and Rain.

Keep up with Suzi’s progress on her novel and other writing on her blog: facebook: and Twitter

I’ll tell you now that I’ve had a sneaky preview of Pearl Seekers and readers are in for a treat so do keep an eye out for its publication date.

Thank you for joining us today, Suzi.

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