Guest Feature – Flashback 3

Back in November I invited you to recap or visit guest features up to end of July 2022. Now Patricia’s Pen is back with more flashbacks, this time to the end of the year. Please re-visit the blogs or read for the first time.

Guest Features – Flashback 3

Kicking Flashback 3 off for August 2022 was Lucy Heuschen with the launch of We Wear The Crown. Through poetry Lucy shares her breast cancer journey with the reader. This collection is a must read.

Read Lucy Heuschen’s blog here

Next up for August was Damien B Donnelly blogging about his Parisian experience in his brand new collection Enough! Don’t miss a second chance to have a read.

Read Damien B Donnelly’s blog here

September 2022 opened with Kate Rose and her new release Brushstrokes. Kate takes her inspiration from her surroundings. Nature, both the natural world and human nature, has a fascination for her, and most of her poems are based around how one reflects on another.

Read Kate Rose’s blog here

Next in September came Raine Geoghegan blogging about her brand-new collection Talking Sticks. Raine writes about her Romany heritage.

Read Raine Geoghegan’s blog here

Kicking off October 2022 on Patricia’s Pen was Matthew M C Smith chatting about his new release The Keeper of Aeons. Prompts and themes given by publishing houses get Matthew focused on writing when life is hectic.

Read Matthew M C Smith’s blog here

Next up in October was Paul Brookes with his new release Paul Brookes As FolktaleTeller. Fascinated by folklore, Paul sets himself writing challenges.

Read Paul Brooke’s blog here

The final guest feature for October 2022 on Patricia’s Pen was duo Kerry Derbishire and Kelly Davis with their poetry collaboration Glory Days. Two Cumbrian women with different poetic voices and style come together to write about their mothers.

Read Kerry Derbishire’s and Kelly Davis’s blog here

In November 2022 Patricia’s Pen featured crime noir fiction author Joy Wood on the launch of her novel Secrets and Lives. Joy Wood strives with each novel to create a narrative that invites the reader into a captivating, engaging and menacing world. 

Read Joy Wood’s blog here

Next up in November 2022 with a brand new poetry release Nights on the Line was M S Evans. M S Evans derives inspiration not only from walking but can be triggered by a phrase, observation of colour, relationships, or an emotion.

Read M S Evan’s blog here

Rosemary Gemmell kicked off December 2022 on Patricia’s Pen when she blogged about her children’s books. Rosemary won her first competition with a story for Under 7s, called Jeremy Jones in the Jungle.

Read Rosemary Gemmell’s blog here

My final guest feature for 2022 came from Lynette Creswell on the launch of Hoglets’ Birthday Surprise. As a writer Lynette wants to continue engaging with her readers and leave a lasting impression.

Read Lynette Creswell’s blog here


Guest features to come in 2023

Regine Ebner (Poet)

Judith Barrow (Novelist)

Mick Arnold (Novelist)

Helen Laycock (Poet)

Alan Parry (Poet)

Joanna Lambert (Novelist)

Anita Chapman (Novelist)

Meryl Smith (Poet)

Nigel Kent (Poet)

Sue Finch (Poet)

And lots more – Why not subscribe to the site to ensure you never miss a guest feature?

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