Guest Feature – Lynette Creswell

It gives me great delight today to welcome back, children’s author, Lynette Creswell, to Patricia’s Pen. This time Lynette has come along to tell my readers all about her brand-new hoglet book Hoglets’ Birthday Surprise. Without further ado, it’s over to Lynette.

Hoglets’ Birthday Surprise

Lynette Creswell

It’s almost Christmas and a busy time of year for everyone. For some it’s getting those presents wrapped and Christmas cards written but for me it’s an extra special time. Last December I published my first ever children’s book, Hoglets’ Christmas Magic and introduced two cute hoglets, Prickles and Primrose. The hoglets were a magical success and I earned myself a new following of young hogleteers.

As a writer I wanted to continue engaging with my readers and leave a lasting impression. The positive feedback I received for Hoglets’ Christmas Magic far exceeded anything I had imagined.

Teachers, grandparents and parents raved about the story, leaving me compelled to write more.

I received wonderful comments such as…. 

I have a little boy in class who reads your book throughout the year. He says it makes him feel better when he’s sad.

My granddaughter sits wide-eyed with wonder when I read your story to her, (she’s 4 years old). It’s her favourite bedtime story and chooses it every time she visits.

With those comments in mind, I set out to create a brand-new story focusing around kindness and acceptance.

Once again, my talented illustrator brought my story to life, and in October this year I published the second in the hoglet series – Hoglets’ Birthday Surprise.

Hoglets’ Birthday Surprise is a spellbinding adventure for children 6+. This time Prickles and Primrose are out in the woods when they stumble across… a witch.


It’s the Summer holidays.

Hoglets, Prickles and Primrose are busy exploring when they stumble across… a witch!

Terrified she’ll eat them for breakfast, the hoglets prepare to escape but soon realise the witch isn’t scary at all. 

Willow the witch is lonely and in need of a friend.

Can the hoglets help her? 

If you love Winnie the Pooh you’ll love the hoglets, Prickles and Primrose, from Briar Wood.

About Lynette Creswell

Lynette Creswell is a multi-genre author who has written four fantasy books, two romance novels and two delightful children’s stories. Lynette’s passion for short story writing has accredited her several writing awards including SWWJ’s (Society for Women Writers and Journalists), Hammond House Publishing and Shooter Magazine. 

Lynette enjoys meeting readers as well as public speaking at WI’s, local schools, author events and book signings where she sells signed copies of her paperbacks.


Facebook – (A great contact for personalised messages and signed copies)



Where to Buy


Also available from Waterstones

If you missed Lynette’s Blog on Hoglets’ Christmas Magic – Read it HERE

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