Guest Features – Flash Back

Guest Features on Patricia’s Pen – January 2022 – March 2022

Over the next couple of weeks why not revisit some of the guest features on Patricia’s Pen during 2022?

January kicked off with crime fiction author Val Penny – you can read her blog HERE

Author, Mary Schmidt, followed with her children’s book Davy’s Dragon Castle – you can read what Mary had to say HERE

Next up was one of my favourite poets –

Damien B Donnelly who joined forces with the lovely Eilín de Paor to write their poetry conversation In the Jitterfritz of Neon

If you missed it – you can catch up HERE

Romantic Author, Liz Martinson, started us off in February – you can read what Liz had to say HERE

Author, Camilla Downs followed, blogging about how her walks proved inspirational in writing – read how inspiration helps Camilla HERE

Carmen Radtke, author, was my final guest in February. Read Carmen’s blog about her writing HERE

Family saga, author, Mick Arnold, kicked off March for Patricia’s Pen – read about Mick and his books HERE

One of my favourite poets, Ankh Spice from New Zealand followed. You can find out more about Ankh and his poetry HERE

There will be more catch up features next week. Don’t miss them.

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