Guest Feature – Mary Schmidt

I’m delighted to feature Mary Schmidt on Patricia’s Pen. Mary has come along to chat about her co-authored children’s book Davy’s Dragon Castle. Without further ado, it’s over to Mary.

Davy’s Dragon Castle

Mary Schmidt

In my new book, Davy’s Dragon Castle, children learn to get along with others no matter the colour of their fur or skin. It’s important for children to learn the concept of, and how not to be racist, and toddlers are a great age to start the teaching. Anti-racism education in elementary school starts with students’ awareness of themselves, of others and of how those interactions play out. All social and emotional learning helps children to express feelings and be tuned in to the needs of others. This teaching contributes to the development of all children.

Additionally, children are introduced to a character that wears a prosthetic leg, giving children a chance to learn and understand how prosthetics work and if it does/does not limit abilities. Acceptance and inclusion are important in social learning from an early age.

The opportunity to interact with your child/children in a positive environment, such as the castle in this story, illustrates the importance of a positive environment in aiding children with learning social skills with other children and adults.  Davy’s Dragon Castle helps parents and teachers to reinforce positive behaviors in an imaginative setting of imaginary dragons, castle, and town. Learning and sharing are essential for social development in all children.

The illustrations were a joy to design, and I feel this book will be significant in the days and years to come.

About Mary Schmidt

Mary L. Schmidt writes under the name of S. Jackson along with her husband Michael, pen name A Raymond. Books were her thing, her escape to new worlds. After retiring from nursing, she began writing as a second career, and more than 30 books in various genres have been published.

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