Happy New Year and what’s to come

With only a few hours left of 2020 I thought I’d do a blog to let you know what you have to look forward from me in 2021.

The first has to be that The Granville Legacy, Book 3, in the House of Grace trilogy will be released in March 2021. Watch out for a preorder button on Amazon in the next few days. The story is now out with Beta Readers and only earlier this evening I got great feedback so I hope you’re all going to love it as much as I enjoyed writing it. If you haven’t started the trilogy yet you can download a copy here from Amazon for £1.99 and US equivalent, and if you have Kindle Unlimited you can read it for FREE.

In April 2021 a collaborative poetry pamphlet with writer Maureen Cullen, ‘Sherry and Sparkly’ will be published by The Hedgehog Poetry Press. Watch out for this as all proceeds will go to Cancer Research.

In July 2021 – my full mythical poetry collection will be published by The Hedgehog Poetry Press

and in September 2021 The Worth Park Poetry Timeline will be published by The Hedgehog Poetry Press.

I’m quite sure there will be more publications. For instance, I need to sort out what’s happening about my children’s picture book. Watch this space.

Apart from my publications, many more guests will appear on Patricia’s Pen. These are a few to watch out for.

12th January 2021 – Hedgehog poet Brian McManus

26th January 2021 – Author Juliette Bowers

9th February 2021 – Hedgehog Poet Robin McNara

16th February 2021 – Hedgehog Poet Vic Pick-up

2nd March 2021 – Author Jane Risdon

23rd March 2021 – Author Lynne Shelby

13th April 2021 – Author Alyson Sheldrake

27th April 2021 – Author Val Moore

11th May – 2021 Author Dawne Archer

8th June 2021 – Author Natalie Normann

29th June 2021 – Author Tim Taylor

13th July 2021 – Author of the Hunter series Val Penny

And that’s just a taster – there’ll be plenty more going on and hopefully I can reignite the writing challenges too.

Why not follow my blog to make sure you don’t miss out?

And that only leaves me to wish you all a happy new year in 2021 with the promised light and vaccination and we can hopefully all return to living properly again.

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