Round up of 2020.

Well I’m sure one thing we’re all in agreement with and that it has been an awful year, one we’ll all be glad to put behind us and with the vaccination we can hopefully forward in 2021. However, on the other hand it has been a wonderful publishing year for me with The Coal Miner’s Son Book 2 in my House of Grace trilogy, published in March 2020. Of course, had I known we were about to be hit by a pandemic, I may have rethought this. I had it all planned to do lots of face to face events. I managed a pre publishing event for a book club at my local book college and that was it.

I was then lucky enough to be one of the winners with The Hedgehog Poetry Press which resulted in publication of my nature poetry collection Taxus Baccata in July 2020.

to order

This followed in December 2020 with The Montefiore Bride where all proceeds have gone to a local homeless shelter Crawley Open House.

to order

A couple of days ago I sent over the first payment of £375, so thank you to each and every one of you who purchased a signed copy or pdf via my website as you contributed to that amount and in turn have helped the homeless. I still have signed copies and pdf versions for anyone who would like one. You can receive a pdf version by email within 24 hours of your order. Go here.

I was also lucky enough this year to have a poem published in
The House in the Forest and Cupid’s Arrow: Poems of Love published by The Hedgehog Poetry Press.

The Granville Legacy is in its last proofing stages and almost ready to go to press for a March 2021 publication. Remember it’s beautiful cover?

Other publications have been light as I haven’t had time to make many submissions, however I have had poems included in the following:

Ahead of Time Published by Reach Magazine (Indigo Dreams Publishing) July 2020

First Days at Juniors


TV Wonder

All published on line here by Imspired – these will be published in print January 2021.

The Talent Show – Reach Magazine (Indigo Dreams Publishing) December 2020


I have featured many guests during 2020

January 2020

Mark Anthony Smith

Sally Spedding

Madalyn Morgan

Michael Sanchez

February 2020

Fin C Gray

Deborah Edgeley

Mark Anthony Smith

Raine Geoghegan

March 2020

Joy Wood

Kellie Butler

Helen Christmas

April 2020

Shirley Anne Cook

Julia Firlotte

Denise Leggett

John McCullough

May 2020

Alison Chisholm

Elizabeth Gates

Craig Jordan-Baker

Joseph Carrabis

June 2020

Martin Lott

Lance Greenfield

Suzi Bamblett

Henrietta Newell

Gaynor Kane

July 2020

Beth Haslam

Andrew Quartermain

Lynne Hallett

August 2020

Georgia Conlon

Daisy White

Jodee Neathery

September 2020

Pauline Seawards

Margaret Royall

Damien Donnelly

Carol Thomas

October 2020

Nigel Kent

Allison Symes

November 2020

Lexi Rees

Ann McMaster

Elizabeth M Hurst

December 2020

Karen Mooney

Darren J Beaney

And 2021 will bring you more guest features and many more poets published by The Hedgehog Poetry Press

All that remains is for me to wish you all the best festive period you can have under the present circumstances and pray for a hopeful bright 2021.

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2 thoughts on “Round up of 2020.

  1. Mike Powell December 24, 2020 / 1:03 pm

    Wow. You have certainly had a busy and productive year, Patricia. By any measure, that is an impressive list of accomplishments. Congratulations on all of your successes and best wishes for a very Merry Christmas and a wonderful 2021.


  2. Patricia M Osborne December 24, 2020 / 2:57 pm

    Thank you, Mike. I hope you have a lovely Christmas too and we all have a wonderful 2021. Keep up with your lovely blog and inspiring me to write lots more poems.


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