Guest Feature – Henrietta Newell

Something a little different from my guest, Henrietta Newell, this week. Henrietta  is a good friend of mine who has recently started a new family business venture – Sundog Clothing – and she has come along to tell you about it, so without further ado, it’s over to you, Henrietta.

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Sundog Clothing

Introduction to a new British Organic brand

Henrietta Newell

Sundog Clothing was born when I made the chance discovery of my daughter’s sketchbook. I had gone to chat with Isabella, my daughter, and noticed a sketch on the open page of her book. She let me look through her drawings and I loved them! In the moment I saw them, I knew they were good enough to share.

IMG_1018 (002)

(sketch – unedited)

Seeing the sketches made me feel joyful and inspired, reminding me that among all the routine in our daily lives, there is always creativity to be found. This belief reminded me how exciting that sense of wonder feels when you see something for the first time and my aim is to share that feeling with you.

The ubiquitous T-shirt was chosen as the canvas for Isabella’s drawings as they allow the design to be the principal feature. This decision to use the T-shirt as a showcase is very traditional and is really due to the fact that the T-shirt itself is a genius garment and explains it’s longevity since the 19th century when it was adapted from an existing garment to something more functional. It is a fortunate coincidence they are also fantastic to print on.

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Following T-shirt tradition, cotton was the choice of fibre for Sundog Clothing products because it has fantastic qualities. Not only is it soft, absorbent and breathable, but there is evidence from 6000 BCE that cotton was grown and used in Pakistan and India, probably appreciated for the same reasons. Its enduring popularity and increasing production volumes are taking their toll on the environment which has earned cotton the unfair title of the ‘The World’s Dirtiest Crop’ in recent years.

Sundog Clothing do not want to be part of any disregard for the importance of the environment and also because irresponsible growing of cotton fibre goes hand in hand with poor labour standards and working conditions. We believe and stand for fairness and equality.

Sundog Clothing garments are sourced from a trusted supplier who embodies the ethos of Sundog Clothing; that clothing is responsibly sourced, fairly made, and from sustainable origins. Like us our suppliers continually endeavour to improve the impact made on our world. To do this meaningful and transparent, certifications are the best way to ensure that the processes from raw materials to finished product are made with the highest ethical standards at each stage. This way shoppers can feel confident that their garment has been made with care and consideration with all the best intentions for the purchaser and the planet. Our garments are certified by the Global Organic Textile Standard which is endorsed by the Soil Association and is the ‘Gold Standard’ of organic certification. The garment manufacturer also follows the The Fair Wear Foundation’s labour code who are audited annually against this by the Fair Wear Foundation.

Sundog Clothing celebrate creativity and we know ‘who made our clothes’ and ‘what our clothes are made of’ so that however a purchase is made, the buyer knows it’s genuinely ethically made.

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Now that you know more about this eco friendly company Sundog Clothing , why not pop over to the website and browse their fabulous garments. 

Let’s find out a little more about the founder, Henrietta Newell.

About Henrietta Newell 

Henrietta. 2

Henrietta Newell is the founder of Sundog Clothing, a British Organic brand selling exclusively designed printed T-shirts and sweatshirts established in late 2019.
Her love of fashion led her to a career in fashion working as a Garment Technologist which she still does freelance. The skills and experience she has built up has served her well in her latest venture.
Discovering her daughter’s brilliant sketches has taken Henrietta on a journey to starting her own ethical business and joining the change to slow, seasonless fashion as a way of bringing creative designs to the market in a responsible way.

Where you can find Henrietta on Social Media 











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