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Congratulations to Anna Shenton on the publication of Don’t Go Back, Book 2 of the Sleep With One Eye Open novella series, and sequel to 76 Silver Street. I have Anna with me to tell you something about her new release.

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Hello, I am delighted to have been invited as a guest to your lovely blog Patricia. It’s a real pleasure to be here and I thank you so much for giving me this opportunity.

The pleasure is all mine, Anna. Having read and loved, 76 Silver Street, I for one can’t wait to hear more about Don’t Go Back and I am looking forward to downloading it. For now though, it’s over to you.

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Don’t Go Back is a Historical Romance set in the suburbs of Manchester 1906 – a scandalous tale of courage, secrets, passion, love, loss and lies. All the characters have played a wonderful part in this heart-breaking story and told me how they wanted it to be. They really did take over the page. A mix of tone in this story brings much empathy as well as a wide array of emotion.

Times were tough for some in those days and I wanted to portray this in the most fitting way. Set the scenes in great detail. Let readers experience how it was, smell the hotpot and fresh bloomer bread, shiver to keep warm by a paraffin stove, wash via a washstand, feel the damp lumpy mattresses etc. Research has played a huge part in creating this series, and I feel honoured to have learnt so much.

Below is an introduction to Don’t Go Back. I hope you enjoy reading and get a flavour to this wonderful story.

Introduction to Don’t Go Back

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His heart broken, Dan, a wealthy textile factory owner, is determined to track Rosa down and bring her home to Gorton after she took off months ago without a word to anyone. He is shocked to discover Rosa has her own boarding house at 76 Silver Street in the next town and is soon to be wed to the ruffian Jack Howard, and is with child.

Dan’s housekeeper, Molly, is also desperate to find her long lost sister Rosa, who was dumped on their aunt’s doorstep at birth. Molly longs to tell Rosa how her mother always loved her and had no choice.

Molly agrees to help with Dan’s plan, and board at 76 Silver Street undercover, where many ruffians live, in hope of bringing Rosa back.

Molly’s heart aches when she sees her sick sister and nephew and doesn’t know how long she can keep her secret.

Now filled with fear, Dan rushes to Silver Street and wonders if he will ever regain Rosa’s heart and bring her and her baby back?

Or will Rosa stay in the rundown town Pembertown with Jack Howard?


Wow, thank you for that Anna. Well that’s wet our appetites I’m sure.

Links below to download Book 1 and 2 in the Sleep with One Eye Open series.


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76 Silver Street 

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Don’t Go Back

About Anna Shenton 

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Anna Maria Shenton from Staffordshire, World Poetry Day Prize Winner 2015 at Vind & Vag Publishing House.

Her boys flown the nest, Anna took a home study course which led to publications in various  magazines, including Writer’s Forum. Anna’s flair to write continued into fiction where she enjoys creating many wonderful characters and story plots.  Family life experiences are her book of inspiration, often creeping into her stories. She independently published her debut novel, short story collection, writing for beginners and novella series.

Anna loves to write from home and in her caravan when enjoying travels with her husband.

Where to find Anna Shenton 



Amazon Author Page 






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