Mark Anthony Smith discusses his new novella

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As an alternative to the Sunday Writing Challenge, I’ve invited Mark Anthony Smith back to ‘Patricia’s Pen’ to discuss what inspired him to write his new novella.

Over to you, Mark.

We can order the same or taste each other’s

Mark Anthony Smith

My novella was borne out of a big life change when I had to adjust to daily pains brought about by Cervical Myelopathy, a spinal cord disease. It’s really debilitating but even at my darkest of moments, I always think there’s a positive. ‘Love…’ , as Sylvia Plath once mused, ‘set[s] you going like a fat gold watch’ (Morning Song). The light is embodied through Marie in the Novella. She helps the male narrator grow through listening and allowing mistakes in a two-ways process.

We can order the same or taste each each other’s took me over a year to write with several false starts. However, early projects, including a short story, ‘Marie Awakes’, were needed to bring me to my final draft. People, I hope, will come away with their own ideas.
The message, for me though, is there’s always light in the darkest of darks.


Thank you for that Mark.

If you’d like to read Mark’s novella, Ink Pantry have it on their website in three parts. Click on the links below to read.

Part I

Part II

Part III


If you’d like to know more about Mark and read some of his other work featured on ‘Patricia’s Pen’ – click here.

You can find Mark Anthony Smith on the following links.



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