Music helps


For the last couple of years because of one thing or another, my piano playing has been neglected. However after visiting a piano gathering run by Andrew Quartermain, director of Procorda, at the 1901 Club, Waterloo, I have been inspired to make time to play. To be honest I don’t think it matters how rusty I am, because the main thing is that I feel much better after playing. ‘Music is definitely good for the soul’ as they say.

Andrew has recently set up an online Piano Sanctuary which I believe to be particularly important in these trying times.

If you’d like to sign up to Piano Sanctuary and listen to beautiful music direct from Leiston Abbey, click here.

Sign up to Piano Sanctuary and also receive piano tips from the lovely, talented pianist, Annabel Thwaite. Email

Andrew Quartermain will be visiting ‘Patricia’s Pen’ as my Tuesday Guest at the end of July so watch this space.


While I’m on the subject of the piano, I thought I’d share the first villanelle I wrote back in 2013 about the piano. See if you can guess what piece of music I’m talking about.

Magnificient Majesty A Villanelle

Magnificent Majesty

The black beast stands proud on the floor,
his exquisite profile radiates light.
A magnificent majesty we all adore.

The lip of his mouth is open to explore
inside; ivory white teeth, gleaming and bright
in the black beast that stands proud on the floor.

Black tails sits down and strikes a chord
or two, then soft raindrops descend and glide
along the magnificent majesty we all adore.

He extends his arm to turn over the score
as he practises his repertoire for tonight,
on the black beast that stands proud on the floor.

The shower’s wrath deepens to storm
whilst the pianist continues to recite
on the magnificent majesty we all adore.

The virtuoso in his glory performs and ignores
what’s around as he plays with pride,
on the black beast that stands proud on the floor,
His Magnificent Majesty we all adore.

Don’t forget if you’d like to join Piano Sanctuary click here

2 thoughts on “Music helps

  1. amber562 April 4, 2020 / 7:11 pm

    Thank you dear Tricia.  My mum lived near Leiston Abbey. Derek and I have been working out how to set up Zoom meetings and just laughed my socks off. He is in the music room and me in my writing room, so had a mad conversation on line.  There are up sides to this crisis.  XXX Are you okay?  Elizabeth B Eastwood, BA Hons, MSc Sussex, FCCA, Dip LCW, MA Brighton


    • Patricia M Osborne April 4, 2020 / 9:33 pm

      That sounds fun, Liz. We’ve been having virtual choir rehearsals via Zoom. Did you ever visit Leiston Abbey? It’s beautiful. I’m fine thanks. Let’s continue this conversation by email or private message. Take care and stay safe and well.


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