Story Challenge – Less than 100 words

Today’s challenger to write a story in less than one hundred words comes from Cyd Slater in the form of Kampuchea Calling which you can read below

Kampuchea Calling

So here I was. Kingdom of wonder. Land of dreams.

Not running away as such, more chasing a dream. I just had to get out of the country. Fresh start to refresh my mind. Nine years on from building a base, a promise to my dying mum, here I was. Ready to begin the next stage. Teaching awaited.

Gazing at the darkening sky, the sun already setting, I looked ahead towards my future and took that first step into the unknown; one fate, providence, had guided me towards. A first step, often feared, that we all have to take…

99 words


Thank you, Cyd, for sharing those beautiful words. I wish you all the best with your venture in Cambodia.

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