Challenge – Write a story in under 100 words

Today’s challenger to write a story in less than one hundred words comes from Michael Sanchez. His response comes in the form of ‘What Lies You Tell’ and can be read below.

What Lies You Tell

Freemen was asked to walk into cold box #4. A cold and desolate place where only few dared to enter. His superior asked him to enter the box to finish work not completed the night before.

Chemicals everywhere.

On the floor,

on the walls,

and in the air.

Every breath Freemen took was one more step to his imminent doom.

His superior did not dare enter this harmful place because he knew his health would be in danger. What mattered was that the job must be done, even if it meant Freemen’s doom.

93 words


Ooh – poor Freemen.

Are you up to the challenge to write a story in under 100 words?

Full guidelines and submission form here

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