Challenge – Write a story in LESS than 100 words

My latest challenger to respond to writing a story in less than one hundred words is Josie Gilbert. Her response comes in the form of ‘Alchemy’ which you can read below.


She slid the volume gently from the top shelf of the bookcase and laid it reverentially on the work top. It contained the wisdom of generations of women, having been started by her great-great-great-grandmother and passed carefully down the female line.

She only performed the ritual once a year and although she knew the ingredients, she could not remember the exact quantities required to make the magic work. She wiped the scales clean to avoid any contamination and then began the alchemical process. One pound each of raisins, sultanas and currants – the fruity basis for the Christmas puddings.

98 words


Ha. That’s great, Josie.

Patricia’s Pen is still looking for stories in LESS than one hundred words. Are you up to the challenge? See full submission guidelines and submit here.


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