Challenge – A story in less than 100 words

Today’s challenger is Eileen Phyall. Eileen’s reponse to the challenge comes in the form of Seeing through a glass darkly. Hope you enjoy it.

Seeing through a Glass Darkly (2)

I would not believe death was the end.

As instructed I’d collected the herbs and spell from the apothecary.

Standing by the mirror, after drinking the mixture I waited for the glass to darken.

Would I get a glimpse of you?

The moment came.

You smiled, then you were gone.

Now I’m alone again. Heart heavy, purse lighter, waiting for another sickle moon.

63 words


Thank you, Eileen for your story. Funny how the dark side comes out a lot in these challenges. I know when I write them myself they tend to move that way too.

What does everyone else think?

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