Chindi Christmas Book


A few months ago we had a Chindi meeting. Chindi are a network of independent authors that I’m proud to be part of. During this meeting it was announced that we were going to produce a Christmas anthology of stories with a Sussex theme and as Chindi members we were expected to submit a story for consideration.


Submissions for the anthology weren’t just limited to Chindi members but opened up to writers all over.

At the time I hadn’t written a short story for a while as I was deep in novel writing and poetry, so this was quite a challenge. I also didn’t have any particular Christmas memories of Sussex of my own to use as a springboard. I therefore I stepped back to my youth when my sister and I used to hang around with greasers on motorbikes.



However, I didn’t want to be writing about the 70s, instead I wanted a contemporary story but deciding what young men in leather jackets with motorbikes are called today became quite a quandary. After consulting my Facebook Fans I came to the conclusion that they’re bikers. So I had bikers, a Christmas theme, and I quite fancied a wedding with a difference. I was now able to write my story titled ‘Winter Solstice’.

I was really pleased when I heard that my story was to be included in the anthology,  A Feast of Christmas Stories:  Unwrap a Sussex Tale.

You can read my story, and stories written by other authors, including the bestseller Beryl Kingston, when you purchase a copy of the anthology.


More about the anthology 

‘A Feast of Christmas Stories’. Sixteen tales with a seasonal vibe from Chindi authors, including dragons and moonlight, ghosts and a heart-rending tale of childhood Christmas from best-selling author Beryl Kingston

It’s available to pre-order now as an e-book on all platforms for only £2.99 and paperback by clicking here


It makes a great stocking filler!

I look forward to hearing what you think about our stories.

If you’d like to know more about the Chindi authors then do visit their website , Facebook  and Twitter pages.




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