Challenge – ‘Write a story in less than 100 words’

Thank you Andrea Smith who has taken up the challenge to write a story in less than one hundred words. Andrea’s response comes in the form of, Crumbs, which you can read below.

Crumbs (3)

George returned home from work late, trudged into the living room and slumped into the sofa.

‘Sorry I’m late Mavis,’ he said, opening a packet of biscuits.

‘Did you want one?’

A glare was the reply.

‘No… ok…You don’t need to sulk.’ George spluttered showering his chest in crumbs. He switched

on the TV and munched his way through the packet. More crumbs avalanched down his chest.

Mavis moved next to George and began hoovering up the crumbs.

‘Thank you, Mavis, I’ll get your dinner in a minute.’ George stroked his cat who gave an appreciative meow.

97 words

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