Day 11 – A-Z Blog Challenge – ‘K’


K – Kleptomaniac Doctor

Kleptomaniac Doctor was inspired by an exercise prompt on my first creative writing course with the Open University.





Kleptomaniac Doctor

A registrar skulks into the ward,
his eyes sweep the area for a high-class reward.

Something bleeps on the cabinet to his right,
big buttons with large numbers bellow light—

‘Aha,’ he bleats, ‘an old man’s phone,
how I’d like that as my own.’

Endless pocket itches for this latest prize,
he slides the new gem deep down inside.

He empties his plunder at the end of duty—
…posse of phones, cuddly cutie,

pens, coasters, a tailor’s tape measure,
wrist watches, and his greatest treasure

savoured for later when his shift is done,
a sticky but stale, piggy-pink iced bun.


K – Kyrielle

Kyrielle pronounced keer-ee-él is a French form with a four line stanza. Each line uses eight syllables and the fourth line is a refrain – chorus like. (John Drury, The Poetry Dictionary)



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