Day 10 – A-Z Blog Challenge – J



J – Jersey Cow

Inspiration was derived for this poem when on a placement as Poet in Residence, at a local Victorian park, after three wooden sculptured cows were erected in the park.



Jersey Cow 

Deep, dark eyes,
matching black nose
unable to smell,

no true mouth to chew
the grass beneath her hooves,

houses a heart
in her tanned timber body,
from Petworth’s 180-year-old oak tree.


J – Journey

When you begin a poem you begin a journey.

I love it when I start a new poem and begin my journey. It’s through this process that I watch my poems spring into life. The first draft acts as a frame and from here surplus words get eliminated and imagery added so the reader sees what I  see. Quite often some stanzas may be taken out completely and sometimes I may spend hours just trying to get one word right.



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