A-Z Blog Challenge – Poetry




I was alerted about the A-Z Blog Challenge by fellow writer, Anita Hunt, Piskie Dreams and thought, Yes, why not? I’m always up for a challenge. So I signed up today to produce a blog for each day throughout the month of April. However, Sunday’s don’t count, except the first one, April 1st. This leaves 26 days for 26 letters – A-Z.

My theme will be:


So it may be a poem or a fact about poetry. Pop Poetry in your diary for April and join me on my blog.

Don’t forget to check out Anita’s A-Z on Piskie Dreams too. Her theme of ‘Make Do and Mend@ Reuse; Recycle and Spend Less‘ is not to be missed.

I’m looking forward to meeting Anita for the first time when we join around two or three hundred other writers at Swanwick Writers’ Summer School this August.

Are you up for the A-Z Blog Challenge this April?

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