World Poetry Day

As it’s World Poetry Day I thought I would share my Seagull Sequence. I wrote this in 2015 after watching the seagulls invade on my local lake over three consecutive weeks. I hope you enjoy it.

Seagull Sequence 


Wrong Turn

Seagulls flock
in snow coats
above the jewelled lake,

a wrong turn
away from the sea.

High amongst clouds,
formations dance
without sound

flip up and down,
stop, turn around, split,
aim for invasion.

White wings fall
like tissue paper
on rippled waves.

Invasion from Brighton


Gallant geese evacuate,
driven out by snowy invaders,
seagulls squawk to claim their victory.

Mottled mallard and widgeon
scatter to sheltered bays,
concealed from flocks of snow-white birds
that hover above the storm-kissed lake.

Red-beaked moorhens veiled from view,
bide their time for militant gulls to rocket away
and evacuees return.

Water Harmony


Triumphant geese
return to fold,
wings spread,
joyful gabble.

Yellow croci spring
up in green,
pink camellias cluster
the circle of sun-washed water.

Coots and moorhens
boasting red and white beaks
chug along
creating ripples.

Mallard and widgeon
emerge from hiding,
a pure white
feathered duck in tow.

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