Never cast a clout until May is out

So yesterday I went off to uni wearing a summer jacket and sandals. I was comfortable as I made my way to the train station on a fine and pleasant morning.

Later, however, the weather had other ideas. It decided to rain and didn’t let up.

Coming home from uni, already tired after concentrating on a dissertation workshop, I ended up with soaking feet as I dodged huge puddles and passing car spray. I was cold, tired, wet and hungry.

I know, I should have worn boots and a coat but in my defence it was a nice day and the day before I somehow managed to run over my previously broken toes under the airing cupboard door. I mean how does a person manage that? Don’t ask me but my poor old toes always seem to end up under one door or another.  So to be honest, I didn’t think I could bear to trap them inside boots.

As for the coat, it gets hot when the sun shines and walking a long way with a big coat is tiring. I did however, have my loyal old brollie, which by the way, kept shouting at me all the way home to put it in for a part exchange.

So it seems there is some substance to the saying never cast a clout until May is out.

Well hurry up June because I’m tired of winter clothes and footwear. Let the sun shine.

2 thoughts on “Never cast a clout until May is out

  1. Shirley Cook May 19, 2017 / 5:10 pm

    Do you think it means May the month? My mum said it was referring to May the flowering bush.

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