The Tortoise and the Hare


14162795_I2_DSC_0219 (3)

I am vast approaching the finish of my final module for my MA in Creative Writing via Brighton University. The course has consisted of six modules in total and this latest one, Communities in Practice has been my favourite. A close second was Prose Fiction which I studied last year with Umi Sinha and Beth Miller as tutors.

I’m now in my third year of study and that may seem a slow pace to some but to me it’s been the right speed. Following each module I believe I’ve grown more as a writer so if I had completed this in one year I do not imagine I’d have grown as I have. This last year in particular has been a major change for me. I’ve had the confidence to publish House of Grace under my own label White Wings Books and the confidence to become a Poet in Residence at Worth Park. So I’ve really put myself out there in the public eye.

Just the dissertation to go and some of you may not be surprised to hear that I’m leaving that until next year. This gives me a total of four years to complete my MA. By coincidence, it’s actually the same amount of time that I spent on my BA through the Open University.

So once again the tortoise wins the race.

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