Week 6 Prose Fiction

There was no seminar for Week 6, instead we had a tutorial. Mine was at 3:25pm. It was no ordinary day as it was my birthday but I’m not going to tell you how young. To celebrate my friend and I shared a yummy chocolate muffin from the Student Union cafe after the predictable jacket potato of course. We know how to live.

I was very nervous about my tutorial as I wasn’t sure how my tutor would take to George and writing as a child narrator is quite different as to when I wrote House of Grace. However, I did not need to be nervous my tutor was lovely. She liked George and pointed out the good sensory bits and where I had shown well. She gave me some great feedback on how to improve it. For instance I was writing in past tense as I had with House of Grace but she pointed out as it was a child it worked better in present. She recommended I read Paul McVeigh’s, The Good Son, also written as a child narrator but in present tense. I have indeed read this novel and would recommend it as a very good read.

I’m  looking forward to an event in April, Amongst the Grown-ups, which is all about child narrators and I’m hoping this will help me too.

We’ve now broken up for the Easter break and the next meeting isn’t until April 12th, on this session we are lucky to have a Masterclass with Nye Wright which I believe is on graphic novels.


2 thoughts on “Week 6 Prose Fiction

  1. suerumens March 21, 2016 / 3:47 pm

    Glad you had a good tutorial Tricia. I look forward to seeing your revised extract.

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