Throw away that crutch

Nine weeks ago tomorrow I had the dreaded accident in Bucharest.

For six and half weeks I was unable to put any weight on my left leg.

Two weeks ago I was given permission to weight bear – I had to learn to walk again.

Today I had physiotherapy and came out of the hospital using only one crutch. I have a feeling that where everything moved slowly up to now, suddenly I’m going to be back to normal in no time.

Being without the use of a leg, the necessity of a wheelchair and other disability aids, certainly makes you appreciate your body. The fact that many people are out there facing what I have on an everyday basis and not just temporary certainly makes you think. It’s been good research for writing but I think my husband would prefer it if I didn’t take my writing commitment quite so far in the future.

With a bit of luck in a few weeks I’ll not only be back to brisk walking but working my way to Zumba and running exercises again too. If the weather is fair over the weekend, I’m going to try and take a walk around my favourite lake.

I’m feeling positive in a big way. Although there’s only the slightest chance I’ll get back to campus this semester, I’m pretty sure, I should be in ship condition for my trip to Royal Ascot with the girls’ middle of June.

I have a hat to buy. ..

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