Escape at Last

After more than seven weeks of barely moving out of the house due to my accident, things have changed. A week ago I was given the go ahead from the consultant to become weight bearing with crutches. This has given me a lot more freedom, although not total independence yet but I’m getting there.

The other night friends picked me up and off we went to a Word Fest quiz. Have you ever tried one? This was our third year running. I’m not the best at quizzes, I never seem to hear what the question is. If I do I find there’s too much noise for me to equate an answer. I know, excuses, excuses. I still find it great fun, offering moral support to my team and confirming that an answer is correct. Hmm, how come I always know the answer when I see it? A multiple choice for me would be better.

For my second outing I was lucky enough to attend a piano recital by Warren Mailley-Smith. Mostly the repertoire was Chopin, but that didn’t bother me as I could listen to Chopin all night. If you get the chance to go and see /hear Warren, go for it, he’s a fantastic pianist. You can find out more about him and where and when he’s playing, below.

In the meantime when I’ve not managed to escape the house, I’ve been studying poetry theory and creating poems towards my poetry portfolio for the Master’s Poetry, Theory and Craft, module. I’m afraid some of the poems content are on the dark side. I blame that on me being stuck inside for too long.

I hope you are enjoying the bank holiday weekend and having better weather where you are than here. If it’s not raining it’s windy and cold. Come back summer weather – I missed you the when you arrived last time.

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