Special Launch Feature – Andy Breckenridge

Please join me in congratulating poet Andy Breckenridge on the launch of his brand new poetry collection The Fish Inside, published 31st March 2023 by Flight of the Dragonfly Press

Praise for:

The Fish Inside (Andy Breckenridge)

Andy Breckenridge sets scenes from his native Oban and adoptive home in Brighton with evocative economy and inventive imagistic verve. He can be wryly laconic and lushly lyrical; matter of fact and metaphysical; a realist both deadpan and magic. Popular culture –  music, fashion, food and drink – is captured with almost eerily tangible recall. These are poems not merely to read but to inhabit; he celebrates, mourns, consoles and notices for us all. The Fish Inside is a debut certain to dazzle and delight. It feels like a big book and deserves to make a correspondingly large impression.

Donny O’Rourke – poet, teacher and broadcaster

The Fish Inside is a beautifully crafted debut collection. Andy Breckenridge’s poetry takes us right to the heart of what it is to inhabit this land, sea and all the metaphorical in-betweens. From poems of love, friendship and family, Andy takes us on a journey of exile, memory, grief and wry humour. This is a collection you will want to return to again and again – a masterclass in poetry ‘for luck and love and light’

Lynn Valentine – poet

About Andy Breckenridge

Andy is a Secondary English teacher living in Brighton but originally from Oban. He writes about self imposed exile, place, relationships, cultural identity and memory, and his poems are likely to include fish and water. 

His debut pamphlet, The Liquid Air, was published by Dreich in July 2021, and the Chris Riddell illustrated version came out in August 2022.

His poetry has appeared in several print and online journals, and he has been a featured poet on Flight of the Dragonfly Spoken Word, and with the Northern Poets Society. 

He is an honorary member of East Kilbride rock group, The Moes.

The Fish Inside is his first full collection.





UK Orders – Go HERE

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