Guest Feature – Regine Ebner

I’m delighted to have poet, Regine Ebner all the way from Arizona, kick of the Tuesday Guest Feature on Patricia’s Pen for 2023. Regine is a favourite poet of mine and one of great inspiration with her wonderful imagery. She has come along to blog about her writing life so without further ado, let’s go over to Regine.

My Writing Life

Regine Ebner

Ever since my third grade teacher asked me to write the Thanksgiving class play, I was expected to be a writer. I went on to study creative writing in college and won awards. I co-authored a stage play, Minor Details, which was produced to be a sell-out to laughing crowds in Tucson. Later I wrote a screenplay and, although never produced, it won a couple of awards.

However, something was missing. I had long gaps between articles and journal chapters and, most of all, I had little personal satisfaction.That is, until I fell down the rabbit hole of the online Poetry Community in January of 2021 and wrote my first poem. Yes, first poem. I am not sure exactly why, but through all the college-short stories, plays, psychology articles for journals and etcetera, I had never written a single poem.

I think I thought poetry would be too serious for me as I love comedy, but now I’m not really sure what kept me away. I started my own school–still going, still teaching– which definitely took some time.

But now, I have fallen in love with the flights of poetry. I have always wanted to paint and, as I don’t possess that gift, these are my paintings.

Having the audience reception of the international poetry community and the generous encouragement of Matthew M. C. Smith and others is no small part of this writing renaissance.

It is not so much the attention but the fact that there is no vacuum, that our work will, in fact, be read, nearly every week on Top Tweet Tuesday.

I love the process of channeling beauty, of finding beauty and hope in nature and of building monuments out of words.

It has taken me a lifetime to find this perfect expression and I like to think that my early mentors and believers somehow now know that I am writing, I am publishing and I am loving the world of poetry. I thank them.

And I thank Patricia for offering me this stage on which to tell my never-before-told story. Thank you.


Check out Regine Ebner’s debut poetry pamphlet, Oxidized Pennies, published by Alien Buddha Press, and order HERE

About Regine Ebner

Regine is a teacher and writer in Tucson, Arizona. Her work has been published in numerous anthologies and her chapbook, Oxidized Pennies, was recently released by Alien Buddha Press. She is always inspired by the light and landscape of the Sonoran Desert.




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  1. merrildsmith January 17, 2023 / 2:17 pm

    I enjoyed finding about more about Regine, and I agree about Matthew and Top Tweet Tuesday.

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