Spirit Mother: Experience the Myth – Publication Day – 6th August 2022

Spirit Mother : Experience the Myth

I am so excited to welcome my latest poetry baby, Spirit Mother, into the world. I’m very thankful to Mark Davidson at The Hedgehog Poetry Press for believing in me, and not in just publishing one poetry pamphlet, but five, and all in a little over two years.

Spirit Mother was fun to research and write. I learned many ancient myths that I wouldn’t have otherwise uncovered. Often I’m inspired by a nature photograph and the first thing I do is check to see if there are any folklore, myths or legends around it. Nine times out of ten there is and I then have an idea for a new poem.

Spirit Mother is a narrative compilation and where some of the retelling of tales are too long, they’ve become sequences.

I’m hoping that my readers will be as enchanted as I was as they chase each mythical tale and experience the myth on turning over each page.

Thank you to Mary Ford Neal and Brian McManus for taking the time to read my manuscript and come up with such excellent blurbs.

Are you ready to experience they myth?

Order a signed limited edition copy – HERE and scroll down once in the website shop.

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