Spirit Mother: Experience the Myth – Cover Reveal

It is with great delight that I reveal the cover for my upcoming nature and myth poetry collection, Spirit Mother: Experience the Myth.

Discover folklore about oak and mistletoe, and legends around lavender, white lily, amaryllis, banyan, rowan and hazel. Be surprised at how the nightingale got its sweet voice or how the devil tricked a fisherman. Be enchanted as you chase each mythical tale. Experience the myth as you turn the page.

Spirit Mother is a sensory voyage of discovery and delight through a rich landscape of Greek, Celtic, and Native American mythologies. The poems are by turns delicate and earthy, juxtaposing the sensual and sublime with the sharp and shocking to remarkable effect. The ancient feels at once eternal (‘Galanthus’) and starkly contemporary (‘Lavender’), and the senses are fully engaged by a heady palette of shades, scents, sounds, and sensations. Patricia M Osborne has created a collection to be treasured – each poem imprints itself on the reader, and many will never leave.”

Mary Ford Neal, Writer and Academic

Spirit Mother offers the reader a compelling journey through a subtle plurality of viewpoints; a cumulative, unified and immensely powerful, life-affirming lens. Osborne employs all the writing skills which have earned her regular five-star accolades for her work over many years. You render yourself a clear disservice if missing out on this outstanding volume of poetry. Don’t let that happen.”

Brian McManus, Reviewer, Writer, Pushcart nominated poet.

Does this sound like a poetry collection you’d like to read?

Preorders available at a special price of £5.50 plus p&p for signed limited edition copies.

Publication date 6th August 2022 with The Hedgehog Poetry Press.


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