Sherry & Sparkly

It was a pleasure this morning to wake up to a wonderful review for Sherry & Sparkly from Nigel Kent on his fabulous website.

Nigel was shortlisted earlier this year for the Saboteur Award for Reviewer of Literature.

Like what you read? To be honest if I hadn’t co-written this gorgeous pamphlet I’d be queueing up to purchase one myself.

Fancy a copy of this limited edition produced by The Hedgehog Poetry Press?

Pop over to my website SHOP HERE (once in SHOP scroll down for Sherry & Sparkly) and grab yourself a pre publication price offer of only £5.50 plus p&p. RRP £7.99 plus p&p.

Great for a keepsake, gift or stocking filler.

All proceeds of copies sold via the authors, minus PayPal charges and p&p, go to Cancer Research UK.

We do not keep a penny ourselves.

Publication Date 16th December 2021

Read Nigel Kent’s review of Sherry & Sparkly HERE

Buy your Limited Edition copy HERE – Once in the online shop, scroll down for Sherry & Sparkly.

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