Launch of Three Faced Doll – Suzi Bamblett

Today is a special day as my writing bestie Suzi Bamblett launches her excellent psychological thriller novel Three Faced Doll. You won’t want to miss this. Here’s Suzi to tell you a bit more.

Three Faced Doll

Suzi Bamblett

Monday 15th November is ‘I Love to Write Day’ and a fitting day to launch my second novel, Three Faced Doll.

As usual I’ve channelled my favourite author, Daphne du Maurier: “Every one of us has his, or her, dark side. Which is to overcome the other?”

Daphne often delved into the dark side of her psyche when writing. This can be seen in her novel, The Scapegoat and her short story, Don’t Look Now.

In another novel The Parasites, Daphne created three main characters representing different facets of herself: “Maria, Niall, Celia were the three people I know myself to have been.”

Daphne acknowledged this novel had autobiographical elements. The work of the creative writer often does.

I came to know Daphne better during the writing of a dissertation for my MA in Creative Writing at Brighton University. It’s where Patricia and I met and studied together. We’ve been ‘besties’ ever since.

My psychological thriller, Three Faced Doll is available now from Amazon.

Paperback £9.99, ebook £2.99 and free as kindleunlimited.

It’s a story about triplets… Or is it?


Suzi’s debut novel was a timeslip fiction novel The Travelling Philanthropist and you can buy that HERE

You can find out more about Suzi Bamblett and her writing by visiting her website Broodleroo

You can also read about Suzi and Three Faced Doll on Daphne Du Maurier’s Website HERE

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