Witches’ Exhibition

Back in April 2016 I visited Preston Manor in Brighton with my fellow author friend Suzi Bamblett. Why? Preston Manor was celebrating ‘Brighton’s Mother of Modern Witchcraft – Doreen Valiente.’ The exhibition was totally fascinating and during our walk around at the exhibits, Suzi and I each made separate notes to save time, with the view at some point to merge together. However, although we swapped notes, to this day I’ve still not been able to put the spells together just in case…

On Tuesday, I shared my poem Witches’ Exhibition on Twitter’s TopTweetTuesday run by Black bough Poetry, and it was only on sharing, I realised I’d never added it on Patricia’s Pen for my followers. So here it is. Enjoy.

Witches’ Exhibition was published in MagicGloucester Poetry Society Anthology in 2019.

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