Happy May Day – Beltane Blessings to All

I thought I would share a poem with you for this special day. Divine Marriage is published in Taxus Baccata published by The Hedgehog Poetry Press 2020.

When reading the poem I hope you can imagine the images and become part of it.

If you like what you read and fancy a signed copy or pdf version then visit my online shop.

Taxus Baccata is half price at the moment at £3.99 plus p&p or ONLY 0.99p for the pdf version.

Order safely via PayPal HERE.

2 thoughts on “Happy May Day – Beltane Blessings to All

  1. amber562 May 3, 2021 / 4:10 pm

    Thanks for this beautiful poem xx

    Elizabeth B Eastwood, BA Hons, MSc Sussex, FCCA, Dip LCW, MA Brighton

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