International Women’s Day

International Women’s Day is a good time to mention that Grace Granville, although a fictional character in the House of Grace trilogy, is a strong, inspiring woman. Life throws all sorts at her but she picks herself back up and carries on. In Book 1, House of Grace, Grace Granville/Gilmore goes from a sixteen-year-old teenager, who knows what she wants, to a strong, mature woman. Grace doesn’t feature much in The Coal Miner’s Son as this story is about Grace’s son, George, a nine-year-old coal miner’s son, and Grace’s sister, Elizabeth. In House of Grace the reader doesn’t get to find out much about Elizabeth. Elizabeth is another strong, inspiring woman. Grace returns as a narrator in The Granville Legacy along with George, now a grown man.

Other strong women in the House of Grace trilogy are Nancy, Charlotte, Alice and Mandy. And although the trilogy is now finished, the series isn’t, and there will be more strong women to feature as Lori, Annalise and Vikki grow to womanhood.

The Granville Legacy is now available to preorder on Amazon in kindle or paperback format.

Although all the books act as standalones, the reader will get so much more out of them if you read in the right order of the trilogy.

House of Grace

The Coal Miner’s Son

The Granville Legacy

Get acquainted with the Granvilles and Gilmores.

And Happy International Women’s Day to all women.

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